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October inspiration!

Autumn is here! And we are embracing it, changing our outfits, foods, and our flowers.

Although here in Ecuador weather is the same , and you always have to be prepared for sweater weather since it is totally unpredictable, we still feel the need to change, to renew and to start our busy season with high hopes and hardwork!

Lately we have been strolling a lot through instagram, trying to absorb as much of the trends for this fall, and we have been constantly finding a lot of peachy colours, and we are saying yes to peach too!

We created a beautiful mood board with our hypericum, and some amazing photos we found through the web...

Although peach is one of the colours of the season, there is always the traditional colours that are also high on demand this year, such as orange and reds, lots of red towards next weeks!

Greens also make all those fall colours pop even more!

Here we show you some beautiful images of our latest work, and also the new painted Magical Orange Lollipop we have created, it is perfect for fall, and specially for Halloween !!!

Till next time ,

The Gypso Family!

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