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WEEK#30, New Product release!!

Hello everyone, we have been working so hard on getting a new product ready for export, and we finally have it!

This week is our first official sales week of the Molucella , or as most of you know it, BELLS OF IRELAND!

We are amazed of the thickness and length of the stems, and we are in love with our new production.

Currently we have a continuos production that in 4 weeks is going to be more than double than we actually have right now available. hopefully around 10K stems a week in week#34!!!

This stem is actually 150cm , OMG...

Most of the stems came in 80 to 100cm and we are very proud of the quality we are getting on these.

We made a lot of flight simulations, and packing tests, and the only problem we have found is that our stems are too thick for what our clients want us to pack in the boxes!

We will keep you posted on how this new product is going and show you after post harvest too.

Also, we can't wait till a few weeks to introduce a couple of new products/trials , that we have coming and were keeping it a secret!!! shhhh... if you already know...

Enjoy our photos from our first harvest!

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