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We are back !!!

Yes , it has been a long time since our last post, but here we are and we have lots of new things coming. This year has been busy , we are planning new crops, new products and we are excited of this new adventure.

We are going back to some products that we used to grow maybe 10 years ago, products that we believe are awesome any time of the year, and this would be a surprise for everyone starting this fall.

As most of you know here in the grower side of this business we have to be very patient about this changes, and hopefully everything goes as amazing as we think it will, since we are taking a huge risk in this new products.

For now you can enjoy our liatris , because the new products are ... Top secret!

Hopefully we can make some noice with this products, be sure to keep reading the blog since we are going to make some updates on the new flowers as soon as we can!

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