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Taking our first blogging steps!

Our office is right on the farm!

Hello everyone, this is a new world for us, and we are going to do our best to keep all our readers updated with the farm and the things we are working for our future! ( although we are gonna keep some secrets too!)

We have been hesitating for quite some time now if we should do this or not, with all our fears of sharing too much, or not getting an audience. Finally we decided it was time to take this step and start documenting our life in the farm.

Why? ... Because its a way of educating and sharing this beautiful world of growing flowers, with all of our customers and consumers which many times don't know all the time and efforts that are made to grow a stem and take it to the other side of the world.

this is our sales team view!

We hope you like this beautiful way of sharing our life and thoughts, and we will do our best to write at least twice a month...

Anyway how can you not be inspired in this beautiful setting!

Till next time !

Love, the Gypso Family

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